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Buy an existing house or a new house?

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Are you planning to buy a house but you haven’t  made up your mind yet; will it be an existing house or will you choose a new build one? We have listed all the pros and cons for you here!

Advantages of a new build home:

  1. Your own wishes

If you buy a new-build home on time, you still have a wide choice of how you want the house to be delivered. Think of the kitchen and bathroom, the location of the electrical sockets and much more if the contractor is very flexible. In some cases, you can even have a ready-made home delivered so that you hardly have to do any chores anymore!

  1. No defects

Everything in the house is new and the acceptance is required to resolve any delivery issues. So no surprises afterwards with a new build house.

  1. Sustainable

A new build house complies with the latest requirements in the Buildings Decree . Think of specific requirements on the floor, facades, doors and the roof in terms of insulation. Modern houses consume much less energy, are more comfortable and also let in less noise. There is also better air quality in the house.

  1. No transfer tax

You do not pay any transfer tax when buying a new build home, this is included in the purchase. In the Netherland we call this ‘vrij op naam’, free to name(abbreviated to f.o.n.)

Disadvantages of a new build home:

  1. Things can also go wrong

During construction, you are dependent on the contractor, sometimes something goes wrong and weather conditions can cause a delay. Moreover, it is quite a challenge to buy from a paper. You will not really see what your new home will look like until it is finished.

  1. It can take a long time

Building takes time. Moreover, project developers often want to sell a percentage of the total project before they start building. So it can take a few years before you receive the key.

  1. More wishes, more costs

A new build home is often fairly standard. If you want more, you will have to pay extra, that is what they call in the Netherlands “extra work”. That can cost you more money. When building a new build house, also take into ‘more work’ into account, such as garden landscaping and wallpaper and paintwork.

  1. A lot of demand

There is currently a great deal of demand for new build houses and little supply. Often you have to draw  a straw before you can buy a house. So a bit of luck and the help of a real estate agent is the right combination.

  1. Additional costs

You already start to pay during the construction, as the construction progresses you start to pay more and more instalments . Keep this in mind.

Would you like to know more about new building projects in Amsterdam and Zaandam?

Would you like to know which projects are planned in Amsterdam and Zaandam in the coming years? Contact our new-build specialist and discuss your housing requirements. Perhaps your dream home is closer than you think!

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