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Investing in housing

Are you looking for a return on your assets? Investing in residential properties in the Amsterdam or Zaandam region is an interesting option.

Because of the low interest rates, your money in the bank will yield little or nothing and many investors opt for a solid solution by renting out houses. There is currently a substantial housing shortage in our working area, which means that the risk of vacancy is minimal. Also, houses generate a constant cash flow and the risk of substantial depreciation is small.

Where to start if you want to invest in housing?

Despite the fact that investing in houses is beneficial, we can also conclude that it is not entirely without risks. Unless the world of investing in homes is your cup of tea, our professionals can help you to increase opportunities and limit the risks. In that way you always know where you are going and what to expect in the near future when it comes to your investment.

FRIS has a unique position when it comes to the market of investing in housing and goes much further than a general real estate agent usually can. We have agents who can give you an insight into your expected return. In addition, we have valuers who are authorised to value investment properties, for example when financing is required. Our research department also has one of the best databases on the housing market in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area

(MRA), giving you quick insight into the rental value and initial yield (BAR) of the house(s) you are looking at. And what do you think about knowledge of regulations such as scoring of rental properties and permits for combined occupancy? Of course, there are also our agents who can actively search for you and personally supervise the purchase.

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