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Professional clients

FRIS Woningmakelaars likes to work together, also with professional clients. Of course we cooperate with other departments of our company such as property management, investment brokerage, valuations, research and consultancy. But when it comes to new-build sales or rentals, we join forces with DWE Nieuwbouw Makelaars. This is easy for our professional clients such as project developers and investors. Moreover, with this combined knowledge and experience we increase the chances of your success. Read below how you can become your professional partner as well.

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New build

Why are you going to be satisfied with FRIS as a new build real estate agent? We make the difference with our people. We offer a listening ear and provide you with creative solutions, even when things are not going according to plan.

We are your partner in high-quality lead management and dynamic pricing. This leads to the best result for clients, both in sales and rental. In this way, we demonstrably earn ourselves back.

In addition, our services go further than just the services regarding real estate brokerage. Marketing is the driving force behind successful sales results, and our people also have that knowledge and experience.. Would you like to receive a demonstration of our working method or a quotation?

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Research and consultancy

With our well-founded market analyses and incisive advice, we assure our clients a lead in strategic knowledge about the owner-occupier and rental market. Our strength in the field of research lies in writing research reports, quick scans and rent and sale price advice.

Based on a unique dataset, we provide substantiated market analyses and incisive advice to private, public and corporate clients in the real estate market.

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Business to business

More then real people

FRIS is much more than the enthusiastic people of the housing agency. Take a look into the world of our Real People and be amazed at what we can do for professional clients.

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