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Welcome at FRIS Housing agents

Real estate agent in Amsterdam and Zaandam

Are you thinking about moving? Then get to know our people. Real people who will make you happy when selling or buying your house. In addition, we always go for the best result.

Our family business has been around for almost 100 years now. And just as with the average Dutch family, real contact is very important for us. You will notice this as soon as you get to know our estate agents. Whether you are looking for a buying agent or a sales agent, they are part of our team.

Brokering is people work, that’s why we take the time for you to discuss your wishes. In this way we make sure that our clients are very satisfied and are willing to tell you about it. Would you also like to know what our professionals can do for you?

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We are real people with real results

Nice to meet you, read here how we have been innovating for almost 100 years.

Happy customers

We can say that we are experts, but our
customers can do even better. On average we get the
Number 9.2 and we are quite proud of that.

100 years of experience

For 100 years we have been guiding people to a new place. That really is a lot of knowledge and experience you can build on.

Brokerage is people’s work

One of the anchors in your life is having a place to live, it is therefore not very strange that buying a house and moving brings a lot of stress with it. At FRIS we find it important to
relieve you of worries and guide you well through the process,
in this way we make buying and/or selling a house
Another special moment.

Aiming for result

Are you going for the highest yield or the fastest sale? We do not lose sight of the result and thus earn ourselves back by selling your house.

We get more out of your home

Smart marketing

With this we make the difference, only your house on Funda. Moving on is no longer enough. We work with the best photographers, effective social media campaigns and follow up our customers with marketing automation. All like 2021.

This way we sell your house better in Amsterdam or Zaandam and surroundings.

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Are you thinking of moving but do you have questions you would like to ask someone who is familiar with the local housing market? Then please feel free to contact us.

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  • The contact with the estate agent was extremely pleasant, both in person and by telephone. The contact with the people in the office was very pleasant, highly competent and very helpful. Fris is a real estate agent who knows the market very well and as a seller it gives you al lot of pleasure.

    Mr. W. Smits, Imstenrade 27 Amsterdam
  • The contact with the real estate agent went very well and a lot of attention was paid from the beginning to the end of the whole process. I would like to thank this Frank and all the other staff for the guidance and also the personal attention they gave me. You are "Toppers".

    Mrs. Y. van Splunter, Noordeind 61 Landsmeer

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