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You bought a house, what to do?

After a possibly long search, the time has finally come, you have bought a house! But what to do now? Many buyers don’t realise that from this moment on a lot is coming your way and a lot of things need to be arranged in order to finally enjoy your new home to the fullest. Here is an overview of things you can take into account:
  • Purchase contract: if your bid is accepted, a purchase contract will be drawn up. The actual purchase agreement is only concluded after that agreement has been signed. And then you also have a 3-day cooling-off period as a buyer. Incidentally, these items only apply to private buyers
  • Mortgage: You may still need to arrange a mortgage, as soon as the deed of purchase has been signed you can contact your mortgage advisor to take the following steps
  • Building inspection: It is possible that you have bought under the preliminary examination of a building inspection, then it is important to call in such a company so that you have timely access to what you have actually bought.
  • Valuation report: in most cases the mortgage lender wants to receive a valuation report to substantiate the value of your house. In most cases, the mortgage advisers will be able to put you in contact with a reliable appraiser.
  • The civil-law notary: make an appointment with the civil-law notary as soon as all the above has been completed. A delivery date is often agreed in advance. On that date the transfer of ownership will take place at the notary. Usually the house is inspected again in advance so that you can be sure that you will receive what you have bought.
Have you bought a house? Do you find all this complicated, exciting or do you simply haven’t the time? Then contact our purchase agent and find out what we can do for you.
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