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Sell your house yourself?

Are you in doubt, what is better? Sell your house yourself or sell it with a real estate agent? FRIS helps you to make this choice in two steps.

Step 1: Check the pros and cons of selling your house yourself. FRIS has listed the most important ones for you.

Step 2: answer the following two questions for yourself. Do you have the time to sell your house yourself and what is this time worth to you?

Selling a house without a realestate agent: the advantages

You are in control. You take the photos yourself, you write the sales text and you plan viewings when it suits you.

You know your home the best so you can tell all the ins and outs of your home to a viewer.

You save the costs of a real estate agent. For many people, this is the most important motivation to sell a home without an agent.

Selling a house without an estate agent: the disadvantages

Decide for yourself how good you are at conducting price negotiations. There is often more to this than you initially expect. Especially in a market where multiple bids are made on one house. A real estate agent has a lot of experience with price negotiations and can therefore realise a higher selling price, which often pays for itself. Below the line, an agent can therefore earn money instead of cost money.

An agent knows the buyer. How do you choosethe right, reliable buyer when there are multiple bids on your house? In this tense market, viewers sometimes bid blindly. The advantage of an agent is that he knows the financial possibilities and personal situation of the people that make an offer. This way you get the right buyer for your home and you will not be left empty-handed.

You have less legal certainty. An real estate agent draws up the purchase contract and checks the notarial and financial documents. He or she also inspects the houseupon transfer. In doing so, he looks at the maintenance and the technical condition. He also looks at easements, the health of the owners association (VVE) and the ground lease. Thanks to his knowledge and experience, he knows exactly what to look out for. He communicates this to the viewers and records this for you. This prevents a lot of hassle afterwards.

The lack of an expert. How do you determine the asking price for your house? Do you set it high or are you realistic with a greater chance ofoverbidding ? How do you deal with the negotiations of (many) interested parties? When you sell your home, you suddenly need to know all sorts of things. Our agents have years of knowledge and experience and can help you with this.

No critical questions are asked. Keep in mind that not every viewer likes to be shown around by a seller. Viewers are more likely to avoid critical questions, which can cause them to lose interest in the house.

You have less free time. From taking photos for funda, promoting your property online on social media to planning and holding viewings. You need to make time and money available for this, as long as it takes until your home is sold. Time you might prefer to spend on other things.

Making the right choice

Especially in Amsterdam and the Zaandam region it is wise to hire a real estate agent. Selling your home without anagent is often underestimated and can be stressful. Before you decide to sell your home yourself, it is a good idea to have steps 1 and 2 clearly in mind. This way you make the best choice whether or not to engage an estate agent.

Of course, the costs of the estate agent are also important in this consideration. Would you like to know what the brokerage costs are in your specific case? Then request a quote now.

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