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How to calculate buyer costs?

When you buy a house you are faced with additional costs called “costs-to-buyer”, often abbreviated to k.k. The question we often hear from our customers is; how to calculate costs-to-buyer?

Below is a list of things that can be included and give a good impression of the total cost purchaser, i.e. the purchase cost of a property. Incidentally, this again depends on the situation and may therefore differ from case to case. Moreover, they are averages and in many cases market prices apply.

Buyer costs and additional costs
Transfer tax 2% of the purchase price for private individuals (non-investor)
Notary and land registry fees (delivery and mortgage deed) Plus at least € 1,119
Purchase agent Between 0.5% and 1% excluding VAT
Valuation report € 599
Application costs NHG 0,7 % of the total mortgage amount
Mortgage advice and mediation costs € 1.849
Bank guarantee 1 % of the amount of the guarantee
Architectural report € 350
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