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Additional costs newly build house?

Also when you buy a new home you will have to deal with additional costs. What exactly are the additional costs of a new build house? That is just a little bit different than with an existing home. Keep in mind that you are going to incur additional costs of around 9% of the purchase price. Although that does depend very much on your wishes and the standard level of finishing of the new home.
Important cost items are:
  • Construction interest: this interest is deductible after the signing of the purchase contract and can be seen as compensation for the investment that the contractor has to make in order to purchase the building materials. If the construction interest is not included in the purchase price, the tax authorities do not regard it as interest and it is not tax-deductible.
  • Bank guarantee: as part of the purchase, the vendor can ask for a bank guarantee. This is a guarantee from the bank to the seller that the deposit can be paid if necessary.
  • Costs of the property itself: think of painting, wallpapering, garden landscaping, yard fencing, paving, furnishing, additional work by the contractor, connecting energy, telephone and internet
  • Moving house: this also involves costs, if you have to move for work, your employer can offer a tax-friendly allowance.

Would you like to know more about additional costs for new buildings? Please contact our new build advisor.

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