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How to buy a house?

You are considering buying a house but you do not know where to start and what to expect. In other words, how do you buy a house? Understandably, it is a big step in a human life and it involves a lot. With this step-by-step plan you know exactly what to expect when buying a house.

  1. Housing wishes

The search for a house for sale goes a lot smoother when you know what your living wishes are and with what budget you can start looking for. This is often a time-consuming process and the more houses you look at, the clearer it will become what you do not want in a house and what is required. Try to think in terms of;

  • Where do I want to live?
  • What type of home appeals to me?
  • What facilities should be nearby?
  • Is parking important?
  • How many rooms should the house have?

This allows you to be much more focused on looking for suitable housing on, for example, funda. But the consideration of whether you are looking for a fixer-upper or whether you want to buy a house where everything in perfect condition is an important part of this step-by-step plan; how do you buy a house?

  1. What is the budget?

You can only really be prepared for the housing market when you know what the budget is. That depends on all sorts of factors and starts with a conversation with a mortgage advisor. Yes, you can also find the necessary tools online to calculate the amount of your mortgage, but many factors are not taken into account, which can give a distorted picture.

  1. The search can begin!

And that is not easy in today’s housing market. Funda is the most complete housing website but you can also consider hiring a real estate agent. He or she can help you with your search.,An agent is often just a little earlier informed about new offers and can often still get a foot in the doorway when you want to buy a particular house. Moreover, you will immediately have a professional negotiator as a partner in the purchase. A reassuring thought.

  1. Visit

Have you found a house that meets your living requirements? You can start viewing! Prepare yourself well, for example by using a checklist of things to look out for when viewing a house. But don not forget the legal aspects, the zoning plan  and the architectural condition of a house. There you can

  1. Make an offer

Once you have found the house of your dreams, you will of course want to make a move. Ask the selling real estate agent about the bidding process so you know how to make a bid. You can also have a buying agent negotiate for you, he has a lot of experience with this and can act rationally in a very exciting phase for you.

  1. The purchase contract

Once the price has been agreed, the seller, or the notary on behalf of the seller, shall draw up the contract of sale. After that, you still have 3 days of reflection within which you can renounce the purchase without giving a reason. Also pay close attention to resolutive conditions in the deed of purchase, for example a reservation of financing. This will prevent you from being stuck to the home in the event that a mortgage application is not approved after all.

  1. Applying for a mortgage

You can now share which house you have purchased with your mortgage advisor. An offer will be made based on your situation. As soon as this has been agreed, you will have to submit a large number of documents in order to be able to assess the application for the mortgage. However, if that is the case, you can assume that the amount will eventually be at

  1. The transfer at the notary

The official act takes place at the notary’s office after which you may call yourself the owner of a new house! This is where the deliver deed and mortgage deed are “passed” and you can focus on moving into your new home. .

  1. Moving house

Perhaps you are going to do some work first or you still need to renovate. In any case, the moment will come when you can enjoy your new home in peace and quiet. Do not think about arranging things like passing on meter readings and taking out the right insurances at this stage.

Would you like to know more about; how do I buy a house? Read more about what our estate agent can do for you.

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