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Conditions for the tenant

Criteria 2 bedroom appartement

Building North House

Segment: Free market

Occupants: Max 2 adults and 2 children < 18 (no additional occupant fee)

Minumum age main tenant & co-occupant: 18+

Contract types:

  • 1 Tenant (+ optional co-occupant)
    Gross monthly income (excl. holiday allowance, bonus, etc), minimum 3 x base rent
    Co-occupant can be added or removed or changed during the lease contract, new contract then needs to be signed.
  • 2 Tenants
    Combined gross monthly income (excl. holiday allowance, bonus, etc.), 4 x base rent
    Both signing the contract
    One of the tenants cannot be changed or removed; in this case a new contract needs to be signed (only possible if in the new situation, income requirements met)

Working status: Working contract, older than 3 months. ZZP-er, registered minimum for 1 year in KvK

Support documents:

  • Copy of passport or ID card
  • Photograph to create Residents
  • Working contract, 3 payslips and employer statement,
    Or KvK enrolment form and annual income statement
  • Child under 18 – copy ID card/passport

House permit needes: No permit needed

Length of stay: Min. 1 year, max indefinite

Base rent: Starting at € 1.235 per month excluding service charges

Rental subsidy: N/A

Additional info: Not registered on World Check

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